Are we a factory?

    Hangzhou HS Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of permanent magnet materials in China, we mainly focus on the production and manufacture of Alnico permanent magnets, NdFeB permanent magnets, and other materials. With our professional technical team, we are the direct magnetic material supplier for the automotive industry, home appliance industry, motor industry, and machinery industry. Especially in the automotive and motor industries, our company has passed the 16949 quality system certification and is the supplier of many auto parts manufacturers.

    How can we help our clients to develop products together?

    We have extensive experience in developing magnetic applications and have worked with many domestic and international customers over the past 10 years to develop a wide range of applications. Especially for automotive sensors, grinder chunks, synchronous motors, DC motors, etc. We have a lot of experience in helping customers to select the right magnetic material, processing, and even providing special performance magnetic materials.

    How about customizing the performance of Alnico?

    Customizing the performance of Alnico materials is not something that can be done by the average manufacturer. HS Magnetics is the leading manufacturer of Alnico in China. Our knowledge of the material is far ahead of our peers. Because of this, we have the experience to produce a special performance for many customers. Especially in the automotive industry. We change the composition ratio of the material and improve the processing process to produce special Alnico material performance that can perfectly match the customer’s needs.